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NATURE BATHING in the  “TARVISIO Forest”, the largest in Italy

In compliance with eco-sustainable tourism, allow yourself a regenerating break in nature to rediscover the natural balance and taste the BIO products of the territory.


You will be accompany you in this experience by a professional guide of immersive experiences in nature, forest pedagogist, outdoor education expert, born and raised in the Tarvisio forest. The forest is the environment he has frequented most, he knows aspects and secrets that he has decided to share with others by guiding them into the forest by carrying out “NATURE BATHING” whose physical and psychological benefits are now widely recognized.



Experiences of active immersion in the atmosphere of natural environments, where you can enjoy the therapeutic anti-stress effects generated by the contact of your senses with the natural elements: view of the green and harmonious landscapes, sounds-silences, scents-earth / plants, tactile sensations , flavors of the fruits of the earth. In the forest it has the declination of Forest Bathing, an oriental discipline that derives from Forest Therapy.



In the Friulian Alps, between the Carnic and Julian Alps, near the Austrian and Slovenian borders, the Tarvisio Forest (Udine) extends for about 24,000 hectares, in a perimeter of 168 kilometers, and represents the largest Italian forest area managed by the State.

The mountain forest is characterized by beech woods and, higher up, by pine and fir forests populated by silver and red fir: the latter grows in a few places, including the Tarvisio Forest, and is called “resonance fir ”, Because the wood is obtained from it for the construction of high quality stringed musical instruments. As for the fauna, it is necessary to point out the presence of the Alpine hare and the ptarmigan, together with which there are also the other birds of the Urogalli family: the black grouse, the black grouse and the capercaillie Forest symbol. Do not miss the golden eagle and, in passing, the griffin. Among the large mammals live in the woods the brown bear, the deer, the roe deer, and, higher up, the chamois and the ibex


The Tarvisio area is the second eco-sustainable destination recognized in Italy, has received the certificate of destination for sustaibable tourism  according to the international standard GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council). All the dishes offered reflect this land and bring BIO products to the table, grown by many small local producers.



FOREST BATHING in the Forest Sound Track Valsaisera


BIO PIC-NIC on the shores of the Superior FUSINE LAKE

WELCOME DRINK, DINNER and NATURE PARTY  a the Ilijia Golf Club Tarvisio Restaurant

FOREST BATHING Alpe di Ugovizza in the Rauna Valley discovering medicinal herbs

LUNCH in farmhouse

Pre/post tour EXTENSIONS on request

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3 days / 2 nights






from € 565



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